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Beaumont sur Sarthe- tourisme - sartheBeaumont sur Sarthe, medieval town, situaded in contryside, is witness of a rich history and you will also be surprised to discover Vivoin, « Petite Cité de Caractère », with its priory and another  at Saint Marceau.

You can visit Beaumont and its surroundings on foot, by cycle or in other ways and could consider following a footpath finding an ancient cross, a communal wash-place, a traditional drying kiln or a house built with local stone. You can also fish in the river. To discover our countryside, do not hesitate to walk or to ride a mountain bike or follow the Circuit of production of hemp and traditional kilns or Circuit of our local stone for building or The footpath with interpretation panels (details available here )

Beaumont sur Sarthe was totally destroyed by fire in 1135. In other times it was invaded by Francs and The Normands.

In 1417, during the Hundred Years War, The English seized Beaumont sur Sarthe which was regained in 1418, but Beaumont changed hands several times before the end of the conflict.
The town was again destroyed by fire in 1562 by the Huguenots. In this year, Henri de Navarre, future king of France, is became  Duke of Beaumont and attached the town to the crown of France.
King Louis XIV, in 1701, exchanged the Duchy of Beaumont for part of the gardens of Versailles and Marly.
In 1793, Beaumont le Vicomte became Beaumont sur Sarthe.
Between 1796 and 1799, several conflicts broke out in the town.
On the 14th January 1871, an important battle oposed the French soldiers with the Prussians.
Beaumont was liberated by Marechal Leclerc on the 10th August 1944.  
While exploring the old town, you can discover the Romanesquechurch witness of happy and sad events through the history of the town. Destroyed by fire in 1562, the church rebuilt several times with a particularity of its choir in the west.
The market-hall also destroyed by fire, was rebuilt with wood in 1700, then with stone in 1898. 
After these monuments, you could go to the river overlooked by the feudal mound. On the romanesc bridge, you can be surprised by the view of the old castle, built in XI th century.
You can also dicover : 
  • church with romanesque door of XI or XII th century
  • market hall
  • romanesque bridge
  • presbytery
  • bridge carrying main road replaced suspension bridge destroyed by the retreating Germans in 1945.
  • feudal mound
  • town hall gardens
  • castle (privately owned)
  • ancient stone crosses


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