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If  the name Vivoin first appeared in 832, in an act issued by King Louis the Pious, it is in the XI century that Raoul, Vicount Beaumont, established a priory, and its monks became lords of the parish.


Situaded near the banks of the Sarthe, the village rapidy expanded thanks to the economic activity generated by the priory . It also benefited from its privileged geographical position.

It was well placed on the pilgrimage routes to Mont Saint Michel and  to Santiago de Compostela, and for the pilgrims a refuge (une Maison Dieu) was fonded in 1239.  As it was well considered as a place to stay additional lodging was provided at  an auberge Coq Hardy. The exterior of whish is still visible.

After the Revolution, Vivoin began decline and the once important priory was maintained simply as a farm. It was saved from complete destruction in 1965 by residents of the village : an exemplary rescue . In 1975 it was taken over by the Departement of the Sarthe to serve as a centre of cultural activity.


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