Nesthing between the picturesque mounds and woods of the Bercons and Chateauroux, the village spreads its history before our eyes. The church, dating from the Plantagenêt era, stands errect in the square, like the conductor of an orchestra. This building was constructed, according to legend, thanks to the generosity of Queen Berthe. Not far from this spot, a splendid outdoor fireplace invites us to pass a few moments of repose and conviviality. The little bridges, built with the local Roussard stone, the communal wash-place, the banks of the River Toussant, all offer us their charm and serenity. Crossed by the GR 36, (part of a national system of foothpaths), Segrie is proud of its verdant and ever-changing countryside, dotted about with little villages retaining their local shops and craftsmen, and throughout the year offering many events and activities. 
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